Quvenzhane Wallis a beast of an actress, but is 9 too young? 1thegrio

she was only 5 years old when she auditioned and 6 when she played the part of  Hush puppy, a little girl of fierce strength and resource-f u l n e s s living with her daddy in a squalid slab of Louisiana swampland known as the bathtub’ now at only 9, q u v e n z h a n e ( k u h-v a h n- z u h- n a y) is the youngest ever actress nominee at the academy awards altogether ” beast ” has four nominations at the Feb, 24 ceremony, including best picture’ director b e n n.. z e i t l i n doesn’t think 9 is to young for such an honor’ but he also recalled one day when she seemed to be struggling on set, and he took her aside to ask what was wrong’ i can’t snap it today’ the fact that she had an internal sense of when she’s in character, when she’s getting the emotions right and feeling it, is really special even in experienced actors, but especially someone of her age to have that sort of self awareness’ Henry was just 6 years old and had never acted when a casting director came in his r y e . n.y. school looking for someone to play billy, the little boy at the center of Dustin.. Hoffman and m e r l y.. s t r e e p’s custody battle’ (  t a t u m o’ n e a l is still the youngest Oscar winner in any category; she was 10  when she earned the supporting actress Oscar for 1973’s ” paper moon ” now 41 with a 7- year- old daughter of his own, he looks back at his own nomination and acknowledge; i didn’t even know what it mean’t… i just remember being nervous as hell about having to give a speech in front 3,000 people’ you’re just pretending, so sometimes it’s easy when you’re a kid’ t r a c y…t o f t e who was only 11 when she was chosen to play daughter h e a t h e r… o w e n s on the 1980s sitcom ” Mr b e l v e d e r e ” agreed that she didn’t understand the enormity of what she  was doing’ from the adults around me i took off their energy that it was a big deal, t o f t e, now a 42 year old real estate agent in s a n t a… c l a r i t a, C a l i f, said of being cast in the  series’ t o f t e hasn’t seen ” beasts ” but said q u v e n z h a n e; i am sure this young girl did a phenomenal job and deserves the Nomination, but there are veteran actors and actresses who have  never had those accolades and they’ve been working their craft and dealing with the ups and downs of this industry’ rounding out the field are j e s s i c a… c h a s t  a i n for ( zero dark thirsty ) j e n n i f e r…l a w r e n c e for silver l i n n i n g playbook and Naomi .


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