Lessons for de Blasio in New Jersey’s Free Pre-K – NYTimes.com

  • Lessons for de Blasio in New Jersey’s Free Pre-K – NYTimes.com.for the first few weeks of  preschool Teddy a 3.. year old Chinese  Immigrant, cried nearly everyday’ some days he sat quietly + refused to play’ they began learning Mandarin, tutored his parents in reading  + paired Teddy with older classmates to teach him about topic like woodland animals’                                                                                 officials across the country, including < m a y o r.. b i l l.. d e.. b l a s i of new york are looking to efforts like those in new jersey as they seek to broaden a c e s s to free, full day prekindergarten > though experts differ on the long term benefits of preschool, the programs in 31 low income district in new jersey are widely acknowledged for strong result. in new jersey, students attend prekindergarten < for two years, one class sizes are limited to 15′ + it took more than a decade to perfect the model; the district faced a host of challenges including persuading family to enroll + rolled out a r o b u s curriculum            but new jersey’s example suggest s that even if he is successful, he will faced perhaps a greater challenge> making prekindergarten programs worth the money………………………………………………..                                                                                            during his campaign for m a y o r.. Mr. d e.. b l a s i o presented his kindergarten plan as a way of reducing inequality in the city.

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