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Volunteering at YWAM’s Gleanings for the Hungry…

Volunteering at YWAM’s Gleanings for the Hungry….we spent two and a half weeks volunteering at y w a m’s cleaning’s for the hungry in d i n u b a, California’ youth with a mission ( y w a m ) is a non–denominational christian organization that En c o m p o s s e s a bunch of different ministries including lots of d t S s ( d i s c i p l i n g… ship training schools ) and mission trips, you can read more about why we volunteer on the road, as well as who we volunteer with ( including an overview of y w a m ) Cleanings for the hungry is a unique y w a m base located just outside of d i n u b a’ c a ” about 45 minutes out of Fresno ” while this is our second time volunteering with y w a m, because each base is u n i q u e we still didn’t know what we were in for!