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i am a kind of person who tried not to take anything for granted i try to focus my self in what i am doing, it true i do make some mistake in my time but who or what ever we have to deal with it by doing the right thing, and also forgiving that is the key word because we don't have our life in our hand' so there would be always be option in this life we live in.

11 Winning Words from the Scripps Spelling Bee by Dictionary.com

11 Winning Words from the Scripps Spelling Bee http://dictionary.reference.com/slideshows/spelling-bee at Dictionary.com


Volunteering at YWAM’s Gleanings for the Hungry…

Volunteering at YWAM’s Gleanings for the Hungry….we spent two and a half weeks volunteering at y w a m’s cleaning’s for the hungry in d i n u b a, California’ youth with a mission ( y w a m ) is a non–denominational christian organization that En c o m p o s s e s a bunch of different ministries including lots of d t S s ( d i s c i p l i n g… ship training schools ) and mission trips, you can read more about why we volunteer on the road, as well as who we volunteer with ( including an overview of y w a m ) Cleanings for the hungry is a unique y w a m base located just outside of d i n u b a’ c a ” about 45 minutes out of Fresno ” while this is our second time volunteering with y w a m, because each base is u n i q u e we still didn’t know what we were in for!